Our laboratory personnel have many years of experience quantifying biomarkers of oxidative stress in a variety of sample types from human and animal model systems.

We can receive, plasma, serum, urine or tissue samples and are available for consultation at any time to help you determine which biomarker would likely yield the best data based on species, model system, and available sample types.

Our methods include colorimetric, chemiluminescent and ELISA based assays depending on the requested biomarker. Our services are regularly utilized by researchers at leading university, government, pharmaceutical, biotech and contract research organization (CRO) laboratories. Many years of research experience provides us with a healthy respect for the value of biological samples derived from meticulous planning and experimentation. You can rest assured that all samples shipped to our facilities will be cataloged, handled, stored and tested in such a manner as to reduce the chances for sample compromise while increasing the chances for generating the very best data possible.

Volume permitting, samples are tested in sufficient replicates as to provide the possible statistical significance. Once testing is complete, results are meticulously reviewed and scrutinized in order to verify the data for accuracy.

Laboratory Services

Available Analytes & Sample Types

(available for any species type provided sufficient sample volume exists)

Assays for Oxidative Damage or Modifications

Substrate Analyte Method Samples
Lipid Malondialdehyde Spectrophotometric Plasma
Tissue (Homogenate)
  Lipid Hydroperoxide Spectrophotometric Plasma
Tissue (Homogenate)
  8-Isoprostane ELISA Urine
Protein Protein Carbonyl ELISA Plasma
Tissue (Homogenate)
  Nitrotyrosine ELISA Plasma
  Alpha-1 Proteinase Inhibitor Spectrophotometric Plasma
Oxidized LDL
DNA 8-Hydroxydeoxyguanosine ELISA Plasma

Assays for Antioxidant Status

Analyte Method Samples
Glutathione (Total GSH) Spectrophotometric Plasma
Whole Blood
RBC Tissue (Homogenate)
Oxidized GSH (GSSG) Spectrophotometric Whole Blood or RBC
special sample treatment required
Glutathione Peroxidase Spectrophotometric Whole Blood
RBC Tissue (Homogenate)
Glutathione Reductase Spectrophotometric Whole Blood
RBC Tissue (Homogenate)
Antioxidant Reductive Capacity Spectrophotometric Plasma
Tissue (Homogenate)
Total Antioxidant Status
TAC-Peroxyl Challenge
Chemiluminescent Plasma
CSF Tissue
Botanical Extracts
Heme Oxygenase-1 ELISA Plasma
Superoxide Dismutase (SOD1) ELISA Human Red Blood Cell Lysate

Inflammatory Related Assays

Analyte Method Samples
Myeloperoxidase ELISA Plasma
Tissue (Homogenate)e

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