Impact of Atmospheric Microparticles on the Development of Oxidative Stress in Healthy City/Industrial Seaport Residents 
Kirill Golokhvast, Tatyana Vitkina, Tatyana Gvozdenko, Victor Kolosov, Vera Yankova, Elena Kondratieva, Anna Gorkavaya, Anna Nazarenko, Vladimir Chaika, Tatyana Romanova, Alexander Karabtsov, Juliy Perelman, Pavel Kiku, and Aristidis Tsatsakis 
Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity April 8 2015, Volume 2015, Article ID 412173, 10 pages

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nutrition  glutathione  GSH  SOD  lipid peroxidation  MDA  oxidative stress  8OHDG  radiation  urine  rat  8OHDG01  DNA Damage  Urine  malondialdehyde  8-hydroxydeoxyguanosine  toxicology  toxicity  Nutrition  Rat  diet  dietary  oxidized DNA  human  kidney  diabetes  plasma  serum  cancer  NWK-GSH01  GSSG  bovine  reproduction  fertility  cells  Human  Pollution  Air Quality  8OHDG02  pollution  environment  Malondialdehyde  Plasma  Lipid Peroxidation  TBARS  plant  murine  lung  sepsis  mouse  tissue  liver  inflammation  NWK-NTR01  NTR01  Nitrotyrosine  Diabetes  rattus  ovary  superoxide dismutase  ophthalmology  eye  retina  supplement  ISO02  isoprostane  8-isoprostane  muscle  lifestyle  Atherosclerosis  heart  cardiology  nitrotyrosine  Inflammation  Glutathione  stroke  NTR  heart disease  aorta  cardiovascular  rabbit  brain  mitochondria  dog  canine  aging  veterinary  obesity  HYP01  H2O2  Brain  hippocampus  neuroscience  protein carbonyl  carbonyl  Cancer  saliva  Aging  equine  SOD02  PCK  Protein Carbonyl  Sheep  Lung  adrenal  IHC  CAT01  superoxide dismutase activity  GPX01  GPX  neurodegenerative  Superoxide Dismutase  testicle  testes  toxic  transplant  transplantation  Glutathione Peroxidase  feedstuff  agriculture  Alzheimers  MnSOD  infection  skin  ARC02  hypoxia  MPO  myeloperoxidase  COPD  pulmonary  SOD01  blood disorders  glutathione peroxidase  diabetes mellitus  zinc  Catalase  Antioxidant  Serum  pancreas  erythrocytes  pharmacology  Heart  ventricle  Tissue  MPO03  Nrf2  lungs  hydrogen peroxide  NWK-ISO02  metabolism  nephrology  kidney disease  mda  renal  disease  cardiovascular disease  Cells  neurology  tumor  GR  glutathione reductase  GR01  PC Kit  atherosclerosis  surgery  exercise  Gender  Kidney  lipid hydroperoxide  LHP01  NWK-MPO03  ischemia  reperfusion  gpx  gpx01  homogenate  neurodegenerative disease  blood  chemotherapy  catalase  poultry  whole blood  farming  brain tissue  blood pressure  alzheimers  Toxicology  smoking  PC Assay  fish  fitness  spinal cord  myocardial infarct  heart attack  sheep  supplements  Guinea pig  fruit  Isoprostane  NWK-ARC02  TEAC  ORAC  FRAP  mice  osteoblast  liver tissue  alcoholism  DNA  TAC01  Antioxidant Capacity  NWK-GPX01  Eye  mda01  cell  antioxidant  sleep disorders  Murine  HIV  prostate  menopause  ARC01  infertility  Fertility  Myeloperoxidase  pregnancy  Heart Disease  oxLDL  cell signalling  neutrophil  herbal medicine  liver disease  activity  Reproduction  ISO01  poisoning  porcine  hypertension  pig  bone  colon  protein oxidation  bone marrow  ethnomedicine  gender  gerontology  metal toxicity  

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