8-Isoprostane (15-Isoprostane F2t) ELISA Kit for Plasma & Tissue

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8-Isoprostane  (15-Isoprostane F2t) ELISA Kit for Plasma & Tissue
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The 8-Isoprostane (15-Isoprostane F2t) ELISA is intended for the quantification of 8-Isoprostane (15-isoprostane F2t), also sometimes referred to as 8-epi-PGF2a and 8-iso-PGF2a. This ELISA style assay can be used to test serum and tissue samples following solid phase extraction of the isoprostane-containing fraction.

Advantages of the NWLSS™ 8-Isoprostane (15-Isoprostane F2t) ELISA:
  • Detect as little as 50 pg /mL
  • Highly specific for 8-Isoprostane (15-Isoprostane F2t): low or no crossreactivity detected for 9α,11β-Prostaglandin F2α, Prostaglandin F2α, 6-Keto-Prostaglandin F1α, Prostaglandin E2, Prostaglandin D2 or Arachidonic Acid
  • Also provides for the quantification of total 8-Isoprostane (15-isoprostane F2t) following hydrolysis of phospholipids


Isoprostanes are prostaglandin-like compounds that are produced by free radical mediated peroxidation of lipoproteins. Levels of 8-Isoprostane (15-isoprostane F2t), a representative isoprostane in biological fluids, have been shown to be useful for assessment of oxidant stress in vivo. 8-Isoprostane (15-isoprostane F2t) has also been shown to be a potent vasoconstrictor in rat kidneys and rabbit lungs and may play a causative role in atherogenesis. Elevated 8-isoprostane (15-isoprostane F2t) levels are associated with hepatorenal syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, athero-sclerosis, and carcinogenesis.

Test Principle

This assay utilizes a competitive enzyme-linked immunoassay (ELISA) format. Briefly, 8-Isoprostane (15-isoprostane F2t) in the samples or standards is allowed to compete with 8-Isoprostane (15-isoprostane F2t) conjugated to horseradish peroxidase (HRP) for binding to a polyclonal antibody specific for 8-Isoprostane (15-isoprostane F2t) coated on a microplate. Subsequent TMB substrate addition results in a blue color development that is inversely proportional to the quantity of 8-Isoprostane (15-isoprostane F2t) in the original samples or standards. Addition of an acid stop solution causes a color change to yellow where absorbance is read at 450 nM.

Direct measurement of reactive oxygen species in leukocytes during hemodialysis therapy
Kazuhiro Okano, Kazuo Kimura, Yoichiro Tanaka, Ken Tsuchiya, Takashi Akiba, Kosaku Nitta
Int J Clin Exp Med ,  2015; 8(11):20959-20964

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Biomarkers of lipid peroxidation related to hypertension in aging
Hakan Yavuzer, Serap Yavuzer, Mahir Cengiz, Hayriye Erman, Alper Doventas, Huriye Balci, Deniz Suna Erdincler and Hafize Uzun
Hypertension Research,  14 January 2016

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Oxidative lipid, protein, and DNA damage as oxidative stress markers in vascular complications of diabetes mellitus
Omur Tabak MD, Remise Gelisgen PhD, Hayriye Erman MD, Fusun Erdenen MD, Cüneyt Muderrisoglu MD, Hale Aral PhD, Hafize Uzun PhD
Clin Invest Med,  2011; 34 (3): E163-E171

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The Effect of Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIG) on Fibrosarcoma Growth in CBA and C57BL/6 Mice
Liliya Yu Basyreva, Ilya B Brodsky, Alexandr A Gusev, Olga N Zhapparova, Elena V Mikhalchik, Liliya Yu Basyreva, Alexandr A Gusev, Olga N Zhapparova, Elena V Mikhalchik Sergey A Gusev, Dmitriy G Matishov, Zabludowicz Miri Blank and Zabludowicz Yehuda Shoenfeld
Immune Research November 4, 2014; Vol 9:1

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High-fat diet-induced renal cell apoptosis and oxidative stress in spontaneously hypertensive rat are ameliorated by fenofibrate through the PPARα–FoxO3a–PGC-1α pathway 
Hyun Wha Chung, Ji Hee Lim, Min Young Kim, Seok Joon Shin, Sungjin Chung, Bum Soon Choi, Hyung Wook Kim, Yong-Soo Kim, Cheol Whee Park and Yoon Sik Chang 
Nephrology, Dialysis, Transplantation November 9, 2011 Published Online Ahead of Print 

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For Research Use Only

Catalog Number: NWK-ISO01
Format: 96 Well Competitive ELISA
Sample Requirements: Urine, serum or tissue samples from any species
Specificity: (100.0%) 8-Isoprostane (15-isoprostane F2t)
(4.1%) 9α,11β-Prostaglandin F2α
(3.0%) 13,14-Dihydro-15-Keto-PGF2α
(<0.01%) 9α,11β-Prostaglandin F2α
(<0.01%) Prostaglandin F2α
(<0.01%) 6-Keto-Prostaglandin F1α
(<0.01%) Prostaglandin E2
(<0.01%) Prostaglandin D2
(<0.01%) Arachidonic Acid
Sensitivity: Lower Limit of Detection (LLD)= 0.005 pg/mL
Effective Range: .05 ng/mL - 10 ng/mL Note that although the analyte is detectable at levels below 50 pg/mL, data within the effective range of this assay will yield greater reproducibility. Investigators may wish to repeat samples with data below this range for added confidence.
Storage and Stability: 9 months from the date of manufacture
Kit Contents: 96-well microtiter plate, pre-coated with 8-Isoprostane (15-Isoprostane F2t) antibody
8-Isoprostane (15-isoprostane F2t) Standard
5X Wash Buffer
5X Dilution Buffer
TMB Substrate
8-Isoprostane (15-isoprostane F2t) HRP Conjugate
Reagent Trough for multi-channel pipettor
Random Citation | NWK-ISO01
Direct measurement of reactive oxygen species in leukocytes during hemodialysis therapy
Kazuhiro Okano, Kazuo Kimura, Yoichiro Tanaka, Ken Tsuchiya, Takashi Akiba, Kosaku Nitta
Int J Clin Exp Med ,  2015; 8(11):20959-20964

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